Retirement Plans & Services

Madison Pension Services is unmatched in quality and excellence. Each plan design solution is created specifically for the client’s needs. Our consultants do not just work with you to implement the plan; they stay engaged over the life of the plan as your company’s objectives change.

3(16) Plan Administrator Services

In addition to our core retirement plan solutions, this service allows Madison Pension Services to remove many of the administrative headaches associated with maintaining a retirement plan. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Benefits include:

  • Time savings
  • Compliance with complex governmental rules and regulations
  • Reduced audit risk
  • Increased internal human resources capacity

Experience and Expertise

Madison Pension Services’ expertise in pensions extends to all aspects of the industry: actuarial calculations, retirement plan design, consulting services, and compliance.

We ensure compliance with the highest standards at every phase of development and maintenance. In addition, we constantly work with you to make sure your plan evolves as your business evolves.

Strategic Alliances

Our alliances with experts in employee benefits, including law firms, accounting firms, consultants, and financial institutions, allow us to provide additional value to our clients. These relationships guarantee efficiencies for our clients by leveraging technical knowledge, expertise, and quality of care. We have established professional connections with the following companies: