Our Clients

Our team of dedicated professionals provides unparalleled customer service and are committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives. See below for what our clients are saying about us.

Our clients come from all types of industries and range in size.Some of the industries that we serve are:

Law Firms

We understand the challenges facing Law Firms. Partners have different goals for their retirement planning and seek to maximize contributions while allowing associate attorneys to begin saving themselves.

Using our specialized plan approach, we are able to build out retirement plans tailored to the goals of each partner. We create plans that maximize contribution for partners while keeping costs down across the board. As your business grows and more partners are added, we’ll be there, guiding them into that next stage with you.

Healthcare Services

Are you not putting enough away with your current plan?Madison Pension Services is here to guide you seamlessly through the process of plan development, implementation, monitoring and analyzing. As you monitor your patients’ health, we monitor your plan and will adjust and change the plan as your practice changes.

We’ve built effective retirement plans for numerous medical and dental practices over the last forty years, and look forward to earning your trust.

Accounting Firms

Madison Pension Services is here for your needs as well as the needs of your clients. We develop personalized retirement plans and unlike payroll providers, we don’t believe in a “one plan fits all” approach. Whether developing a plan for your business, or looking to provide value to your clients by partnering with a consultant, Madison Pension Services is here to help.

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