Execution and Continued Services

This final phase consists of six handshaking on tabletessential tasks:

  1. Verification that all documentation has been completed to permit the remittance of contributions into the Plan<./li>
  2. Assistance with problems and specific cases and questions that arise during the implementation process.
  3. Advice on any changes in legislation which may affect your retirement plan in the future.
  4. Preparation of amendments as necessary to meet changing legislation or corporate goals.
  5. Working closely with your human resource department and accountants in order prepare annual valuations, tax reporting forms and various other administrative processes.
  6. Monitor fund performance and conduct fiduciary oversight, if applicable.



We believe that we can accommodate any time table for Plan design and implementation and pride ourselves in being able to meet our clients’ demanding implementation schedules.

Madison Pension Services, Inc. is dedicated to the art and science of pension consulting and design. Please share with us a clear vision of your retirement planning strategy, so that we can be more specific in our recommended actions.