Development and Assessment

Time To Evaluate ConceptDuring the development phase, we will work with you to evaluate all available plan designs that fit within your corporate goals, your employee demographics and other retirement plans.

For the various plan designs discussed, we will rapidly provide you with an initial proposal highlighting the possible financial impact (contribution analysis) for the various levels of participants (from owners to rank and file employees) as well as a detailed list of our services and fees.

The scope and depth of our experience allows us to provide you with immediate feedback on the feasibility of any proposal. The members of our team have personally studied and implemented many employee benefit plans. Thus, each of us brings first-hand experience to the table.

In preparing proposals, our goal is to be succinct and complete. We will generally provide a summary of plan provisions based on our previous discussions on possible plan designs. Various contribution allocation scenarios (i.e. numerical examples) will be provided which will assist you in making an informed decision on which plan design is best for your firm.