Design and Implementation

Design and ImplementationOnce your company profile has been examined, your corporate goals reviewed and various proposals examined, the final plan design will be chosen. We will then handle the plan trust document preparation as well as establish various procedures with the financial institution where you will be investing the plan money. We will also work with you in order to educate and provide important information to your human resource professionals, your rank and file employees as well as your outside providers such as brokers, banks and payroll providers.

Our first action in this stage will be to prepare a detailed retainer letter that would highlight all the aspects of implementing your retirement plan along with the relevant fees and charges.

The three principal categories of work to be performed in this phase are the preparation of plan documents, the setup and coordination with the financial institution where your money will be invested, and the education of both your human resource department as well as your employees who will be participating in the retirement plan. Our involvement would include the following:

Plan Documentation

  • Prepare plan trust document
  • Prepare various adopting resolutions for signature
  • Prepare Summary Plan Description
  • Prepare Loan Program documentation, if applicable
  • Prepare investment policy statement, if applicable

Set Up and Coordination with Financial Institution

  • Preparation of contracts with financial institution (i.e. ING, John Hancock etc.)
  • Assist human resource department with initial contribution remittance procedures
  • Provide procedural information to outside providers (i.e. payroll providers etc.)
  • Coordinate with your CPA and/or attorney, as necessary
  • Work closely with the client to establish investment fund selection, if applicable


  • Set up enrollment meetings in order to present the plan to employees and assist them in making an informed decision on whether to participate in the Plan. Employee education sessions will greatly increase the effectiveness of any retirement plan that you decide to implement
  • Work closely with your human resource department to ensure that those administering the plan will be informed of their various responsibilities and aware of various administrative processes