About Us

Madison Pension Services is dedicated to helping small to mid-sized companies implement and run successful retirement plans. For over 40 years, Madison Pension Services has earned the trust, respect, and continued business of our clients by helping them achieve their retirement goals. We are proud to provide every client with a dedicated consultant that creates customized plans tailored to achieve their specific business objectives and provide the flexibility to adjust as you grow. Today, our team serves approximately 400 clients with plan assets in excess of $500 million.

  • 1978

    Madison Pension Services, Inc. was founded by David I. Gensler

  • 1982

    Designed our first 401(k) plan

  • 1988

    Robert P. Marks became a partner of the firm

  • 1990s

    David I. Gensler co-chaired the Government Affairs Committee under the American Society of Pension and Professionals & Actuaries. The committee was instrumental in affecting policy change. Most notably increasing the contribution deductibility limits for profit sharing plans from 15% to 25%

  • Early 2000s

    Designed and implement our first cash balance plan. This plan would later be used in our two-plan retirement solution

  • Early 2000s

    Designed and implemented our first two-plan retirement solution (also known as a combo plan)

  • 2008

    Officially became a “paperless” office. This allowed us to store our client’s data more securely and accurately, while providing us with a “one-click” access to our client’s files

  • 2012

    Kristine Faby became our Vice President & Director of Operations, in which she proudly serves to this day

  • 2013

    Hired a prominent IT firm to implement and run a state of the art data security system to protect our clients’ data

  • 2016

    Acquired Pension Actuaries, Inc. (PAI), an actuarial firm that specializes in splitting retirement plan assets when couples separate or divorce

  • Today

    Proudly serves over 400 plans with over $500 million of plan assets