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Some Of Our Clients

Our clients range from one-participant plans to plans with hundreds of employees and divisions. We work closely with all our clients and have a customer intimacy that is rarely seen elsewhere. Our client’s satisfaction is seen by their long standing tenure with Madison Pension – most of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.


Why Choose Madison Pension

Madison Pension Services’ expertise in pensions extends to all aspects of the industry: actuarial calculations, retirement plan design, consulting services, and compliance. It is not enough to design a plan; it must comply with the highest standards at every phase of development and maintenance. It is not enough to maintain a plan; we must constantly monitor developments to make sure your plan always fits your needs.

Our experience and expertise includes all forms of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, including various types of defined benefit plans, cash balance plans, defined contribution plans such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, profit sharing plans, ESOPs, cross-tested plans and plans with a Roth 401(k) component.

Madison Pension Services works with you to ensure the best-fit plan for your organization, its full IRS compliance, and its continued adjusting of goals and needs. A Madison pension plan is unmatched in quality and excellence: the design matches the client’s needs, the consultant maintains and adjusts the plans as needs change and grow, and the firm ensures top compliance with all standards and updates.

Our alliances with reputable law firms, accounting firms, consultants and financial institutions, who are experts in employee benefits, are unsurpassed.
Passion can be defined as a compelling emotion.  Excellence can be defined as the quality of being outstanding.  So what our clients and professional friends experience with Madison is a firm whose employees, from top to bottom, are compelled to produce outstanding customer service and superior results.  In a field as complex and regulation heavy as the retirement plan arena, where our clients and professional friends rely on us to provide leadership and direction, anything less than excellence is just not good enough.


  • Dear David, I wanted to thank you for all of your and Bobby’s terrific guidance through our benefit plan termination process. Others before you had given us information that was inaccurate, and your group was superb in guiding us through.

    Michael F. Sukin
    Sukin Law Group
  • I reached out to David Gensler at the recommendation of my accountant. I was in an uncomfortable situation with my pension plan, as a result of very unprofessional behavior by the actuarial firm administering my plan. I needed to accomplish something for my plan and it needed to be done quickly. I was frustrated because despite multiple phone calls and emails to my current firm, I simply could not get them to respond. David did not know me, but he took my phone call and was very patient and inquisitive regarding my situation. David obviously has made a reputation for himself within the industry because he knew the owner of my current firm, reached out to him and got them to respond immediately when I could not. David stayed in contact with me until he and I were satisfied that my objectives would be accomplished within the time frame that I needed them to be. The time that he spent and the care that he took made quite an impression on me, especially since I was not even a client of his firm. If this is how they treat a non-client, I can only imagine what it would be like to be an actual client of his firm.

    Mark B. Levy
    Brison Strategies, Inc.
  • "L+M Development Partners Inc. has been a client of Madison Pension Services since 2003. We have established a strong partnership with our consultants, Frank Grande and George Luna. Their knowledge, expertise and guidance on our pension plans is invaluable. I have worked closely with George since I started with L+M in May 2016. He is always responsive, reliable and willing to help with any questions or issues that come up. Knowing he is there to rely on has helped me through many hectic periods. I highly recommend Madison Pension Services. "

    Susanne Gallagher - Vice President, Human Resources
    L+M Development Partners Inc./C+C Apartment Management LLC
  • “I have known David Gensler and Madison Pension for over 10 years but only recently became a customer. I am extremely pleased with their follow-up and the service I have received in the pension area. Their recommendations have been sound, their people courteous and they have been proactive working with my accountant and other partners. Overall, A+.”

    Jim Kennedy, CEO
    The Network Support Company, LLC
  • "As a physician in solo private practice, my time for matters other than patient care is short. There are many things that I must know will happen smoothly 'in the background' - - a very important one, of course, is our office retirement plan. I need to be certain that I can trust the people who help me with this plan and that they will be reliable, responsive, knowledgeable and current with federal regulations and compliance issues. They need to keep track of filing deadlines, required document updates, plan restatements, tax filing deadlines, etc. They need to fully understand my practice and help my employees with all retirement plan related questions. There are many things that must happen for our plan to work and I must have someone that I can trust do it all. I have been working with David Gensler and Madison Pension Services for 17 years. He and his firm meet all the requirements that I have listed and more. They take their time to help with any and all matters that arise and patiently assist my employees in a kind and courteous manner. I know I can count on David and his team. I look forward to working with them for years to come and recommend them without reservation."

    Jeffrey H. Graf, MD, FACC
  • “As a customer of Madison Pension for over ten years, we view their customer service as being of the highest caliber and professionalism. I work closely with Kristine Faby as our TPA for our 401(k) plan and she is always available to answer my questions on enrollment, terminations, hardships and in-service distributions. As federal requirements have become more involved and complicated, Madison has continued to make us feel confident that we are covered with any reporting and compliance issues. Kristine makes everything go so smoothly that I take it for granted how competently everything is completed. She always goes above and beyond what is expected.”

    Katie DeFilippis, HR Manager
    Rudy's Limousine Service, Inc.
  • "I would like to enthusiastically recommend Frank Grande and Madison Pension Services. We have worked with Frank for 10 years. Frank has been involved with all aspects of our pension planning. We rely upon Frank’s expertise not only for the preparation of valuation reports and filing with the IRS, but also for advice as to how to structure our pensions. Frank is highly knowledgeable, and has helped us tailor our pension plan to meet the needs of a business with individuals at different stages in their careers. Frank is prompt with replies to questions and always follows up on any open items. Most importantly, Frank knows the regulations and makes sure that we are aware of them, so that our company is in compliance with IRS pension rules. It has been a pleasure to work with Frank."

    Michael Gistrak, MD, Vice Chairman, Dept. of Pathology
    RWJUH Rahway
  • "I’ve had the good fortune of being a client of Madison Pension for 15 years, in particular, working with Kristine Faby and Bobby Marks. Their expertise, support, and guidance have been invaluable. It’s a complicated world, and one constant has always been their guidance and dependability. They’ve not only helped to ensure that my consulting firm’s defined benefit is compliant with regulations, they’ve been generous in making recommendations that have afforded me flexibility, without sacrificing growth potential. Madison should be a consideration for any business looking for excellence in their pension management."

    Ira Studin
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