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Suzzette Grey

Pension Consultant
Work Phone: 914-251-0099, extension 233
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If you were not working at Madison Pension Services, Inc. and could be in any field, what would you be doing?

I have a Human Resources Management and Organizational Development degree. My dream was to become a HR manager. If I wasn’t working at MPS I would have been a Human Resources Manager.

What is the best professional advice someone gave you that you still live by today?

I have two:

  1. Always be prepared and ready to work.
  2. Excellent customer service is the key to a happy client.

How did you come to work in this field?

When I graduated from college, my first job was at a publishing company as an Accounts Payable Specialist. I liked my job but I didn’t feel complete; I wanted to do something else. I responded to a job posting for an Employee Benefit Analyst position at The Bank of New York.  I got the job even though I didn’t have any experience in that field. At Bank of New York, I managed 401k plans for different companies. It was a lot to learn and very challenging. I have been working in the field ever since.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Spending time with my family.

What in life are you most passionate about?

My family and helping others – especially needy kids. My dream is to one day have a house big enough to accommodate several foster/orphan kids. These kids need love and guidance.

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