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Our clients range from one-participant plans to plans with hundreds of employees and divisions. We work closely with all our clients and have a customer intimacy that is rarely seen elsewhere. Our client’s satisfaction is seen by their long standing tenure with Madison Pension – most of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.


Why Choose Madison Pension

Madison Pension Services’ expertise in pensions extends to all aspects of the industry: actuarial calculations, retirement plan design, consulting services, and compliance. It is not enough to design a plan; it must comply with the highest standards at every phase of development and maintenance. It is not enough to maintain a plan; we must constantly monitor developments to make sure your plan always fits your needs.

Our experience and expertise includes all forms of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, including various types of defined benefit plans, cash balance plans, defined contribution plans such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, profit sharing plans, ESOPs, cross-tested plans and plans with a Roth 401(k) component.

Madison Pension Services works with you to ensure the best-fit plan for your organization, its full IRS compliance, and its continued adjusting of goals and needs. A Madison pension plan is unmatched in quality and excellence: the design matches the client’s needs, the consultant maintains and adjusts the plans as needs change and grow, and the firm ensures top compliance with all standards and updates.

Our alliances with reputable law firms, accounting firms, consultants and financial institutions, who are experts in employee benefits, are unsurpassed.
Passion can be defined as a compelling emotion.  Excellence can be defined as the quality of being outstanding.  So what our clients and professional friends experience with Madison is a firm whose employees, from top to bottom, are compelled to produce outstanding customer service and superior results.  In a field as complex and regulation heavy as the retirement plan arena, where our clients and professional friends rely on us to provide leadership and direction, anything less than excellence is just not good enough.


  • "Madison Pension Services offers us a high level of comfort in our retirement plan administration, reporting and compliance issues. David Gensler is professional, knowledgeable, and does not suggest services that are not needed. He is an absolute pleasure to work with as well as are other members of his team."

    Scott Buchner, Director of Finance
    North Shore Hebrew Academy
  • "We have recently become clients of Madison Pension Services. From the start, they have been extremely knowledgeable and professional with us. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them."

    Aron Robinson, CFO
    Hampshire Properties, LLC
  • David Gensler is the consummate professional; he's very transparent and clear, and a phenomenal communicator. He delivered everything he said he would in the manner he said he would and in the time frame he said he would. He was incredibly helpful and informative all along the way. He and his team at Madison Pension Services allow professionals to put away money while taking really good care of their employees and families. He has my rave recommendation; I tell everybody about him and his company. As a matter of fact, I've worked with planning people who told me what he's done for us couldn't be done. For that and much more, he gets my unequivocal and full endorsement.

    Dr. Efstathios Giannoutsos - Georgetown Orthodontics, LLC
  • We were lucky to meet [our consultant] as he helped us navigate through the complex choices facing first-time 401(k) plan adopters. He helped develop the most optimal designation of who should be HCEs, drafted the plan and all related documents, select investments according to our requirements, and worked with us to get the plan ready for use. Employee feedback has been very positive. I was pleased to receive expert and friendly advice every step of the way. ....

    Michael Buhler, Treasurer
    Star Management
  • "As a 401k Wholesaler, I have many clients who require the services of a Pension Consulting Firm. I have worked closely with both the partners and staff members of Madison Pension and everyone is very professional and knowledgeable. A major factor when I choose a Pension Consulting Firm is: "Are they knowledgeable about ERISA but also friendly and responsive?" Madison Pension employees fit the bill in all catagories which is unique in the New York marketplace."

    Kevin McLoughlin, Regional Vice President
  • "Madison is a leader in pension and 401(k) management issues. They have adapted beautifully to the changing environment in retirement plans over the past several years. I highly recommend them in any situation."

    Ted Halperin, Chief Financial Officer
    Wynn Starr Flavors, LLC
  • "Working with a tried and tested consultant of [our consultant's] calibre surpasses our original wish list of "must have in-depth working knowledge in the following:..." Madison Pension's expertise allowed CBX to transition millions of dollars in pension funds from one fund manager to another major player, seamlessly and with total confidence...

    I have a very high professional regard for [our consultant] overlapped with the pleasure of working with her and enjoying her intelligence, warm and witty upbeat personality. I have no hesitation in praising [our consutant] and her company, Madison Pension, with accolades that go beyond a mere business recommendation."

    Maggie Williams, Director
  • "Selecting Madison Pension Services sixteen years ago in 1986 was one of the best business decisions we've ever made. They have guided us in building a successful retirement plan with their wise advice and careful monitoring."

    Dick Dilworth, President (2002)
    The Delafield Group, Inc.
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